14 May 2013



I am starting an independent  initiative

an interactive webblog project
'From the ghetto to the Parliament'
A true life story that empowers (Roma) people, and fights negative stereotypes

 The blog is inspired be my speech in the European Parliament
Be my inspiration for the next chapter with your ideas, comments and questions... 
 see the chapters below
    Palikerav! (thank you),
  Roman Krok  

Twitter; @RomanKrok



Chapters before the European Parliament
Is this heaven?
Willem van den Berg Stichting
Living with cows
Langweer or Langwar?
Residence permit!
Going home for the first time
Back to school
Discovering the saxophone
study and music
Being a Roma-mentor
Spisska nova Ves-Tomasovce
Finally graduated 
ERRC summerschool
Turkish bath in Bulgaria
Producing theater; Latcho Drom
Shutka here I come!

Chapters in the European Parliament
First day in the European Parliament
My landlord is a director
 PES reception
Meeting the Dutch Delegation
Roma badge - a key in the Parliament
Roman Krok trainee in the committee of networking
An interesting email  
Place Lux.. Where else?!
Film screening 'CIGAN' 
Balkan trafik 
Going to Parno Graszt 
What??? Roma people are parasites? 
Trip to Strasbourg 
You can not be serious! 
Day of the Speech